Friday, November 9, 2012

Album Review of "The Doors Live At the Bowl '68"

 "The Doors Live At the Bowl '68" (2012)

I was a 15 year old "Grunge" girl living in Seattle when I first heard the Doors.
It was a "best of" White cassette a friend of my Father's had given me when he saw I was into rock and roll.
I took it home and at the time only knew "Light My Fire" which unlike most folks, I didn't find all that life changing.

It was when i got home and listened to Riders on the Storm and the soft parade that I was really intrigued.
I then was told that there was a doors MOVIE!
I rented it on VHS and was hypnotized by his story,charisma and look...And THAT was just Val Kilmer!

I then was listening to a classic rock station a few weeks later that had said  they would be playing the Doors Live in New York in it's entirety.
I  got out my 120 min. maxell cassette and recorded the whole thing on my Dad's stereo.

That late night changed my life!
Hearing his banter, Poetry and of ALL things the epic "Celebration Of the Lizard" I became not only obsessed but very inspired and although I was female, I wanted to BE this guy!

So after endless live recording and studio albums ""The Doors Live At the Bowl '68" is just another one to me.
Not very different.Morrison's banter is pretty much typical,nothing you haven't heard before.
Of course "the End" is done amazingly.Love the sing song he does about "Seeing an accident outside"
But all the songs are basically what you have heard on all their "Live" albums.So obviously its an amazing live album but I was hoping for something a bit new as all Doors fans probably would.
The remastering is great! Very clear!

I give this album 3 stars Because nothing compares to the Doors live in New York.

LIVE AT THE BOWL ’68 Track Listing
01. Show Start/Intro
02. “When The Music’s Over”
03. “Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)”
04. “Back Door Man”
05. “Five To One”
06. “Back Door Man” (Reprise)
07. “The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)”
08. “Hello, I Love You”
09. “Moonlight Drive”
10. “Horse Latitudes”
11. “A Little Game”
12. “The Hill Dwellers”
13. “Spanish Caravan”
14. Hey, What Would You Guys Like To Hear?
15. “Wake Up!”
16. Light My Fire (Segue)
17. “Light My Fire”
18. “The Unknown Soldier”
19. The End (Segue)
20. “The End”