Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sweet Water's new Single Review

Often over-shadowed and unseen under the beautifully grey skies of Seattle by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam is a band called Sweet water who have not only put on nothing less than amazing live shows for decades but continue to pump out album after album.
After their first full length "Self Titled" their sound went from a darker place(And a Guitarist subtraction) to a more fun,poppy realm, on their new single "Hey Living they stayed true to their sound,style and fans.Although they have a new drummer, it is very hard to tell that much has changed within the band at all!

Hey Living is a fun,jump around with your friends,Short-ish kinda pop-rock tune.
Repetitive are the lyrics

"It's alright if you wanna go out"
"It's alright if you wanna stay in"

Very reminiscent of their album "Suicide"

The B-side "Get High Clover"

Is a bit more spacey,slowed down and dreamy a bit more like the album "Super Friends"

Singer Adam Czeisler sings over and over "You can't handle the truth"

This is my personal favorite on the 7 inch. I like the stripped down feel ,the drums are prominent as is the dreamlike melody from the vocals and guitar.

Buy the 45 at fin records

people can also listen to it there as well.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

This Scarlet Mourning Album Review

The Debut release of This Scarlet morning's 8 song release "Spinning"
Is nothing less that brilliant.
"Spinning" stars....

Don Barry - Bass 
Patrick Barry - Drums, Percussion & Backing Vocals 
Rachel Drucker - Vocals 
Peter Kontos - Guitar 
Brent Martino - Guitar

They all Seem to be the perfect fit on an album that is perfectly produced and perfected by the vocals of Rachel Drucker.
The sound is very melodic,spiritual and includes  epic guitar and vocals throughout the entire album.Each track goes from soft and sad to louder and euphoric,An opiate of a band we got here.

The songs themselves sound almost sad and moody but the lyrics are very uprising and positive,such as "Tranquility awaits"

"Climb through the window 
any way you need dear 
just get here 
Darkness will fade "

The band " are based in Lowell MA which is about 40 minutes north west of Boston" says Guitarist Brent Martino.

But I believe this is one of the best bands I have personally heard out of Boston for a long,long time.Very radio friendly yet far from sell-out teen dream MTV personalities.

The perfect mix of commercial and indie to make them ones to watch.

Song to checkout
"Come Alive"( in this world)
"Rising Sun"