Monday, July 1, 2013


Having followed most of Sister Hyde's music over the last few years, I was not surprised by this album. It had the same authentic 80s' Rock 'N' Roll sound as the previous album.However, the first few tracks I found a little too mirrored of the likes of his ancestors before him, such as Alice Cooper and other gravely voiced 80s' hair metal. Then I got to the track "Peter Pan Syndrome" Suddenly Hyde's Voice changed so much I had to check the credits to see if it was the same singer!I really liked the tracks from that one on (The track before that, "I wanna Have Sex With You, was like a bad college jock's theme song), But I really like how he shows he can use his voice in more than one way, not many vocalist do this at all.This album is , however, a great soundtrack for summer.It's very high energy and makes ya drunk with musical happiness and nostalgia with every amazing old-school 1980s' glimmering guitar lick.Packed with glam and punch,girls, err..and boys, get your ruby red lipstick and black eyeliner out, because this album will make you wanna jump around your bedroom in your panties! But I'm waiting for a power ballad!

 Released 10 May 2013 PRODUCED BY JACK LETOURNEAU (Iggy Pop,Joan Jett, David Johansen) Recorded at The Exchange in Milwaulkee,WI *(David Bowie recorded here in 1974 during his Young Americans tour.) HYde-Vocals and Lead Guita JOE PUERTA-Bass BRIAN NOLAN-Drums MITCH SIDWELL-Additional Guitar on tracks 2,3,7 & 8 Cover photo- Soma Photo enhancement- Ann Margaret Cover design- HYde

Friday, April 19, 2013

Review of the London Suede's "BloodSports"

I have been a long time Suede fan far before America was forced to call them "the London Suede" and to be honest, I was a little nervous about their new release post-reunion.Why you ask? Well, dare I compare it to the many reunited bands from the 90s' that failed in insane proportions. Or compare it to bands/solo artist who should have given up the vocals or guitar in their hay-day? Lets look at this record "BloodSports" For one, his (Brett Anderson) voice, has remained exactly as it was in 1993. you could come to me, play the album then say "this was unreleased stuff from the 90s'", and I would believe it without a doubt. Anderson's vocals are beautifully used and his falsetto still gives me chills. It is so clear and strong, not pitchy or unforgiving of his age in any way. His solo efforts between then and now, and his side project with the Tears were great, but not as thrilling to my senses as this album. Even without Bernard Butler.However, the vibe does feel a bit different.Less intense lyrically perhaps. But they still have their magic love affair with words such as.. "world wrapped in tinsel" and a classic "lipstick traces" To remind you that they may be older but dammit, they are still glamorous! The opening track "Barriers" is dizzy with catchy-pop rock, yet just enough "suede moodiness" to make you swoon. Then there are tracks like "Sometime I Feel I'll Float Away" A personal favorite, That are slow, morose and reminiscent to Suede's self titled album. Whether you loved their debut, or lesser received albums like "Dog Man Star" this is a guarantee love for all suede fans old and new.

 Bloodsports: 1. Barriers 2. Snow-blind 3. It Starts and Ends With You 4. Sabotage 5. For the Strangers 6. Hit Me 7. Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away 8. What Are You Not Telling Me? 9. Always 10. Fault-lines

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Stead" Review for the E.P "Rough"

Solo artist,Singer/Song Writer, Stefano Antoci D'Agostino the voice, music and lyrics behind the creation called "Stead," Has released his E.P " Rough" It is a Very Internationally Folk driven E.P. At first I wasn't too sure how I felt about an album THIS folky, however, as I gave myself time to listen I could really hear that this Musician is really mature and original.Even gives off that time machine, from another era feel that I love But he wasn't alone he had several contributors helping him out some you may recognize from their own brilliant projects, John Parish' collaborator Cesare Basile, Giuliano Dottori, Dave Muldoon, Veivecura, Roberta Cartisano and the cellist Francesco Saverio Gliozzi (Sursum Corda) All which really add to the flavor of this project, Stefano really uses his collaborations for the benefit of making his songs shine rather than to drop names on his CD insert, meaning you truly feel the authentic passion for music on this album all the way through. It's also very consistent, it's not all over the place, pretty much every song on the E.P is a very unique, slow, folk perfection. I adore the moody feel I get from this album.Almost haunting and melancholy yet so beautiful it makes you feel good at the same time, hard thing to master but I believe D'Agostino has mastered it in it's purest form. The soft guitar playing and non-exaggerated vocals really appeal to me. He is completely a top-notch lyricist as well.His new release "Rough" Echoes his time spent in places all over culturally rich areas of Europe without sounding vocally too pretentious or over affected as some new solo singers do. Below is is a link to his E.P and a live video! link to E.P

Friday, January 11, 2013

Pulp Song Review "After You"

being that Pulp has always been my favorite band, I was beyond thrilled that they released a new single after their sudden reunion that followed a big tour as well.

For a Christmas present for big fans they released a single they recorded in November, However, was originally recorded as a demo (2000) for the album "We love life" Never to be surfaced until now 8 days before Christmas as a download.

I was immaturely notified of this release but when I finally gave it a listen I was surprised for several reasons...

Pulp always name dropped a lot of English streets,towns,places etc...It's kind of why they didn't make it too big over in the states,However this time around they name drop some pretty well known AMERICAN places such as Safeway and 711.

"From disco to disco 
From Safeway to Tesco 
We're shopping around from the cradle till death row 
From Tesco it's down to the 7-11 
To chase through the night time 
To chase through the night 
After you"

The tune itself is very disco,Pulp have always had a touch of that in their music since back to their 1994 album "His 'N' Hers" with such tunes as "She's a Lady"

But this one is just down-right danceable.
It also does not lack ANY sexual under tones that Cocker likes to make sure to drop in each song..

"I can't explain why I need to be free 
But if you need to be naked that's alright by me 
It's a fast track express to the graveyard, I know 
So what are you waiting for, hey ho let's go"

 At first listen I thought it was a bit TOO disco for my taste and a little TOO American for the pulp I know and adore,However the song has grown on me and I can't get it out of my head.Worth a few hundred listens THAT'S for sure.!! 

4 stars!!