Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Stead" Review for the E.P "Rough"

Solo artist,Singer/Song Writer, Stefano Antoci D'Agostino the voice, music and lyrics behind the creation called "Stead," Has released his E.P " Rough" It is a Very Internationally Folk driven E.P. At first I wasn't too sure how I felt about an album THIS folky, however, as I gave myself time to listen I could really hear that this Musician is really mature and original.Even gives off that time machine, from another era feel that I love But he wasn't alone he had several contributors helping him out some you may recognize from their own brilliant projects, John Parish' collaborator Cesare Basile, Giuliano Dottori, Dave Muldoon, Veivecura, Roberta Cartisano and the cellist Francesco Saverio Gliozzi (Sursum Corda) All which really add to the flavor of this project, Stefano really uses his collaborations for the benefit of making his songs shine rather than to drop names on his CD insert, meaning you truly feel the authentic passion for music on this album all the way through. It's also very consistent, it's not all over the place, pretty much every song on the E.P is a very unique, slow, folk perfection. I adore the moody feel I get from this album.Almost haunting and melancholy yet so beautiful it makes you feel good at the same time, hard thing to master but I believe D'Agostino has mastered it in it's purest form. The soft guitar playing and non-exaggerated vocals really appeal to me. He is completely a top-notch lyricist as well.His new release "Rough" Echoes his time spent in places all over culturally rich areas of Europe without sounding vocally too pretentious or over affected as some new solo singers do. Below is is a link to his E.P and a live video! link to E.P