Friday, April 19, 2013

Review of the London Suede's "BloodSports"

I have been a long time Suede fan far before America was forced to call them "the London Suede" and to be honest, I was a little nervous about their new release post-reunion.Why you ask? Well, dare I compare it to the many reunited bands from the 90s' that failed in insane proportions. Or compare it to bands/solo artist who should have given up the vocals or guitar in their hay-day? Lets look at this record "BloodSports" For one, his (Brett Anderson) voice, has remained exactly as it was in 1993. you could come to me, play the album then say "this was unreleased stuff from the 90s'", and I would believe it without a doubt. Anderson's vocals are beautifully used and his falsetto still gives me chills. It is so clear and strong, not pitchy or unforgiving of his age in any way. His solo efforts between then and now, and his side project with the Tears were great, but not as thrilling to my senses as this album. Even without Bernard Butler.However, the vibe does feel a bit different.Less intense lyrically perhaps. But they still have their magic love affair with words such as.. "world wrapped in tinsel" and a classic "lipstick traces" To remind you that they may be older but dammit, they are still glamorous! The opening track "Barriers" is dizzy with catchy-pop rock, yet just enough "suede moodiness" to make you swoon. Then there are tracks like "Sometime I Feel I'll Float Away" A personal favorite, That are slow, morose and reminiscent to Suede's self titled album. Whether you loved their debut, or lesser received albums like "Dog Man Star" this is a guarantee love for all suede fans old and new.

 Bloodsports: 1. Barriers 2. Snow-blind 3. It Starts and Ends With You 4. Sabotage 5. For the Strangers 6. Hit Me 7. Sometimes I Feel I'll Float Away 8. What Are You Not Telling Me? 9. Always 10. Fault-lines