Monday, July 1, 2013


Having followed most of Sister Hyde's music over the last few years, I was not surprised by this album. It had the same authentic 80s' Rock 'N' Roll sound as the previous album.However, the first few tracks I found a little too mirrored of the likes of his ancestors before him, such as Alice Cooper and other gravely voiced 80s' hair metal. Then I got to the track "Peter Pan Syndrome" Suddenly Hyde's Voice changed so much I had to check the credits to see if it was the same singer!I really liked the tracks from that one on (The track before that, "I wanna Have Sex With You, was like a bad college jock's theme song), But I really like how he shows he can use his voice in more than one way, not many vocalist do this at all.This album is , however, a great soundtrack for summer.It's very high energy and makes ya drunk with musical happiness and nostalgia with every amazing old-school 1980s' glimmering guitar lick.Packed with glam and punch,girls, err..and boys, get your ruby red lipstick and black eyeliner out, because this album will make you wanna jump around your bedroom in your panties! But I'm waiting for a power ballad!

 Released 10 May 2013 PRODUCED BY JACK LETOURNEAU (Iggy Pop,Joan Jett, David Johansen) Recorded at The Exchange in Milwaulkee,WI *(David Bowie recorded here in 1974 during his Young Americans tour.) HYde-Vocals and Lead Guita JOE PUERTA-Bass BRIAN NOLAN-Drums MITCH SIDWELL-Additional Guitar on tracks 2,3,7 & 8 Cover photo- Soma Photo enhancement- Ann Margaret Cover design- HYde