Friday, January 11, 2013

Pulp Song Review "After You"

being that Pulp has always been my favorite band, I was beyond thrilled that they released a new single after their sudden reunion that followed a big tour as well.

For a Christmas present for big fans they released a single they recorded in November, However, was originally recorded as a demo (2000) for the album "We love life" Never to be surfaced until now 8 days before Christmas as a download.

I was immaturely notified of this release but when I finally gave it a listen I was surprised for several reasons...

Pulp always name dropped a lot of English streets,towns,places etc...It's kind of why they didn't make it too big over in the states,However this time around they name drop some pretty well known AMERICAN places such as Safeway and 711.

"From disco to disco 
From Safeway to Tesco 
We're shopping around from the cradle till death row 
From Tesco it's down to the 7-11 
To chase through the night time 
To chase through the night 
After you"

The tune itself is very disco,Pulp have always had a touch of that in their music since back to their 1994 album "His 'N' Hers" with such tunes as "She's a Lady"

But this one is just down-right danceable.
It also does not lack ANY sexual under tones that Cocker likes to make sure to drop in each song..

"I can't explain why I need to be free 
But if you need to be naked that's alright by me 
It's a fast track express to the graveyard, I know 
So what are you waiting for, hey ho let's go"

 At first listen I thought it was a bit TOO disco for my taste and a little TOO American for the pulp I know and adore,However the song has grown on me and I can't get it out of my head.Worth a few hundred listens THAT'S for sure.!! 

4 stars!!