Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kim Gets Deep With Anton Newcombe Of The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre...

Kim Acrylic: Hey Anton, so great to be spending this time with you.

Kim Acrylic: So...let me just get this out of the way. You are married, have a child, and are sober now, correct? How the hell did all that happen for you,  I mean, whats day to day like with Anton? Run me through it.

Anton Newcombe: I have two children actually,my older son hermann lives with his mother in NYC - anyway,my day is simple:I wake up when Wolfgang wakes up and we eat breakfast and watch morning stuff in German and get him ready for school then I walk him to kita and go to the studio and work until dinner-
Kim Acrylic: In an interview in France, you once said "looking back on my history, I wouldn't do anything differently" do you still feel that way and what would be different in your life if the time was reversed, like, you were sober in the past and using now, what would that look like?
Anton Newcombe: Well I created in all states of mind - so that's not the issue - things are what they are - for instance it would have told every record company on earth that I was to be the producer instead of saying buy me a studio and that would have happened like that,but it took awhile for me to articulate

Kim Acrylic: Since you have children,  what is your take on such things as global warming and leaving this earth habitable?

Anton Newcombe: If you care about global warming your first issue should be the us military industrial complex - everything is bullshit - basically everything is a distraction or a fucking lie - if we really want radical change we it takes radical action - I don't see it happening - they could end hunger in a day - they could build a new tomorrow today - we could do anything together - there is no plan to build cities or advanced economies like NYC in Africa - there's a reason - the them don't want it -

Kim Acrylic: Let me pick your brain on religion and God. Where do you stand, and what does your after world, if there is one, look like?

Anton Newcombe: Well - I think many things are possible - in one sense if god is everything then what are you if not a part of god?but also there is the part of you that is separate and that answers many questions like what would it be like to try that not only for you but for god the being - then obviously as a reward you and god also get to experience that whole unique perspective that you create and then there is the collective so we are already talking about dimensions here

Kim Acrylic: If you could have a time machine, what wrong in your life would you right, and, come on, what right would you wrong?

Anton Newcombe: It becomes infinite both external and personal so it's best to focus on now

Kim Acrylic: Has it been any more difficult writing and performing music sober, and what are the main changes you notice with your sobriety related to your music and art?

Anton Newcombe: Not really - booze affects your hearing so that's different and all that stuff is a social lubricant but I'm happy

Kim Acrylic: How does Germany receive your music, is it the place to be for you artistically right now?

Anton Newcombe: They love real artists who choose to live and work and be a part of the new German future - they are really supportive of it as a culture and it says so much about their society and how you move forward - I am part German and anglosaxon etc and I'm really proud of how they done so many things you know since well you's sets a good example and it's work that lasts forever but I think it's clear to most intelligent Jews that there are no real answers about how a group of people could collectively be invoked to that degree because it could have been another group of people...but more importantly how you move on in time together - it's fascinating stuff really -

Kim Acrylic: So... new stuff! you released your first Brian JonesTown Massacre album that was recorded in your own studio in Berlin in 2014, then the album, 'Musique De Film Imagine`'this year for an imaginary French film.and we can't forget 'I Declare Nothing' with Tess Parks. How has these last two years been for you with all these creative endeavors?

Anton Newcombe: Well we started recording and releasing stuff even in 2010 various ways but anyway - I love being busy and I would like to work harder,do more

Kim Acrylic: Fuck, 2010 seems ages ago now, Being busy is an amazing feeling especially when you pump out stuff you are happy with., What's your best work you're most proud of?

Anton Newcombe: I don't view life in terms of best this or that

Kim Acrylic: And as if the documentary Dig! (2004) wasn't revealing enough, Jesse Valencia is writing a book about BJM 'Straight Up And Down With the Brian Jonestown Massacre' Are you going to be very involved in that process, any spoilers?

Anton Newcombe: No and I don't give shit to be honest.
Nobody knows the truth or remembers every detail without anything to prove or axe to grind except me and notice how I don't comment on the film or write books - I'm not sure that anyone cares really

Kim Acrylic: What moves you these days, what gets your blood boiling, are you following any politics?

Anton Newcombe: Sure,but you can't want for other people what they don't want for themselves - basically what Putin says about American policy right now is true but then you have to ask yourself who do you want to win - it's a tough call because the corporate fascist brainwashed superstate will suck in many ways

Kim Acrylic: I'm always curious to what actually terrifies people. And I don't mean common phobias like rodents or spiders. I mean huge, crippling fears or phobias. Do you have any?

Anton Newcombe: Not really - when you have a fear - when I have a fear,I jump into the fire - it is my nature

Kim Acrylic: Mental illness and art, do you think there is a level of necessity?

Anton Newcombe: That's a myth - listen, society is fucked - the wise man is treated like the fool in the west

Kim Acrylic: .I think society romanticizes everything. Mostly negative things. And I think that's how they make mental illness and addiction look 'pretty' is by associating it with sex, rock n' roll, models, fame in all aspects, really.

Anton Newcombe: What is mental illness - we know it is governments that blow people up just the same as the terrorists and the mystic is treated as a fool.. Kardashian and Bruce Jenner as heroes. We live in strange times

Kim Acrylic: Have you ever had that "Fuck this, I give up", moment?

Anton Newcombe: On what?

Kim Acrylic:  On life, On your career, or on anything that ever gotten you down, man

Anton Newcombe: I don't give up

Kim Acrylic: For you, what is the biggest difference being a musician in Europe versus in the US? Are you glad to be out of here?

Anton Newcombe: I'm glad I live overseas...Berlin,Germany,the North countries and North?that shit has soul that shit is way deeper than 1776

Kim Acrylic: What was playing Glastonbury in 2014 like for you? So many great bands have played there.

Anton Newcombe: We played main stage in 2008 too

Kim Acrylic: Indeed, I loved that gig, too Which one was more memorable?

Anton Newcombe: I enjoy playing anywhere if we are playing well - I'm not fond of festivals - I like to play long sets

Kim Acrylic: They decide to shoot a biopic of your life, who would they cast to play you,

Anton Newcombe: Tom mother-fucking-cruise in platforms

Kim Acrylic: He Needs Platforms! (laughs)

Kim Acrylic: And who would you want to play you?

Anton Newcombe: Samuel Jackson, bitch

Kim Acrylic: As you know, these are always two very different things in Hollywood.

Kim Acrylic: It's been openly known that Frances Bean Cobain is a fan. You dig it or is it just 'she's the daughter of', hype?

Anton Newcombe: Frances is cool - on the on hand I think people of my generation sort of adopted her because life can be so fucked on the other. I have a fondness for her and Isaiah and wish them the best

Kim Acrylic:And finally, you are working on a soundtrack for the a Scottish film, yeah?

Anton Newcombe: Moon Dogs - it's philip johns new movie and he's a very talented guy director of Downtown Abbey among other things -