Friday, January 13, 2017

A Chat With Singer Song-Writer Erin Pellnat

KA:Hey Erin!

KA:: When you contacted me, you stressed that you were a "DIY" artist. What are some of the benefits and struggles you have encountered  being on your own in the musical world?

EP: Control is the greatest benefit. There's nobody looking over your shoulder telling you what to do. The vision can be completely your own. It's a huge plus. Not having access to the best equipment can be a bummer, but with it, the DIY sound would be sacrificed, so I'd say it's actually both a pro and a con.

KA: Are you able to get out and perform live much?

EP: I perform constantly, but not with this project specifically. I live in Brooklyn and I have a band here, "Caretaker." We perform 2-3 times a month at various venues. Dream In Color was made by me and my dad, who is in upstate New York, so we make music when we see each other, but we reside in different places, so it isn't as easy.

KA: You described your music as "flavorful acoustic, to accordion waltz, to Bossa Nova." Who are some of your main influences, and who would you compare yourself to?

EP:Some of the greatest influences would be Stan Getz, Shivaree, Imogen Heap. I'm honestly not sure who we'd be compared to, but some of our songs remind me of Shivaree.

KA:You're based in Brooklyn, NY. How is the music scene treating you up there, lots of competition?

EP: The music scene is always on point out here. Always something happening. Definitely a lot of competition, but not in a hostile way. Everyone wants to succeed and wants everyone else to want them to succeed and watch everyone else succeed too. And when people dig an act, they get very into it, so support is pretty strong out here, for the good stuff anyway.

KA: Do you ever think being in a more musical city would benefit or challenge you more or less?

EP: Benefit one hundred percent. I've done all my greatest work in this city. People acclimate to their surroundings without even trying. Being surrounded by so many people who are hell-bent on "making it" is a huge drive boost. No one wants to fall behind, and in a place like this, everything seems just a bit more tangible.

KA: Are you working on a full length album in the future, I'd love to hear more!

EP: I have zero doubts that my dad, (Christopher Pellnat) and I will always continue to make music. He writes really beautiful songs. Constantly getting better with time, too.

KA: The album was written by Christopher Pellnat, your dad, who also did some producing. He's probably gonna stick around for the ride, yeah?

EP: Of course!

KA: Who would you love to work with and what would you want their role to be?

EP: I would love to work with Kevin Parker. I would give anything to sing on a track with him. Lonerism vibes. He kills me.

KA: Being a woman, have you tumbled upon any misogyny in the music business?

EP: I hate that this is such an obvious 'yes.' People act surprised when they find out I write the music for my band. Asking if I "applied" for my residency at a Brooklyn venue. The sad part is that these men don't even realize that they're being so condescending. It just really doesn't occur to them that I, a woman, could be capable of whatever success is at hand. It's the underhanded misogyny that gets me the most.

KA: Your lyrics are very dreamy. They paint pictures of skies and love. Was that Christopher's vision, or yours?

EP: Christopher wrote the lyrics on the "Dream in Color" EP. He went to college for writing and when we were kids, I remember him working on a book....which I never actually ever got to read. Hm. Have to ask him about that.

KA: What is something about your music that you feel is important to get across to listeners?

EP: The magic of music as a revelation, as fun, and the thrill of sharing it.

KA: What kind of audience does your music seem to attract?

EP: I'm always surprised by the many different types of people who like what we do.  There are no barriers with music.  As long as your ears and mind are open, the music has a chance.

KA: Have you been able to get any airplay?

EP: We're on a few blogs and the SoundCloud plays continue to rise, but no radio as of yet.

KA: If you could tell readers why they should listen to your music, what would you say? Heres your soapbox:) 

EP:If you like harmonies and beautiful melodies on soft, full beds of sound, this music is for you.