Wednesday, May 25, 2011


An Intimate Interview

By Kim Acrylic

Punk Globe: Hello thanks so much for talking to Punk Globe magazine I'm a huge fan this is an honor.

Otep Shamaya: Much respect. I appreciate the opportunity.

Punk Globe: You spoke at the NDC how did that affect you as an artist? Did you get to meet President Elect Obama?

Otep Shamaya: It was an incredible experience. Unfortunately no, I wasn't able to meet him. I would love to someday.

Punk Globe: How important was it to you that fans of yours voted this time around?

Otep Shamaya: I am so proud of them for being informed, being involved, and for paying attention. It's a really big deal for those that feel disenfranchised to be pro-active.

Punk Globe: I see you have made a site (that I have joined) called "All Shapes and Sizes." How did that come to be?

Otep Shamaya: I wanted to create a place where people could feel safe enough to explore new ideas of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-esteem. It's been an amazing success and I hope to broaden its impact.

Punk Globe: What in your own words is the most important thing you would want women and men for that matter to know about body image and having flaws?

Otep Shamaya: We are all perfect in our own way.

Punk Globe: You're very poetic, what poets if any do you read?

Otep Shamaya: Leonard Cohen, Jack Kerouac, and all the BEATS.

Punk Globe: Are any of the things you write about come from something personal? If so, care to share?

Otep Shamaya: Sure, as an artist I believe it's important that everything we create come from a personal place but presented with universal language so everyone has the opportunity to apply the experience to their own lives and perspectives.

Punk Globe: Name one person who has been your greatest influence in your career.

Otep Shamaya: My mother.

Punk Globe: What do you think has changed the most from your first album to your latest one?

Otep Shamaya: Personally, I feel I am better at what I do and hope that the evolution of my creativity continues to grow and grow. I am obsessed with that purging evolution.

Punk Globe: Care to tell me a bit about how you got into the PETA AND RAINN movements?

Otep Shamaya: I was a very vocal supporter and I guess it got back to them so they reached out. I am very proud to be apart of their movements.

Punk Globe: How important was it to you that a democrat was elected as president this year?

Otep Shamaya: I believe in President-elect Obama's message and governing abilities. I am a born-again American.

Punk Globe: You were on TLC's "LA Ink." How was that experience?

Otep Shamaya: It was a lot of fun. Cory inked my back and he's an incredibly talented artist.

Punk Globe: Anything your fans should be looking forward to on your upcoming live DVD release in '09?

Otep Shamaya: I haven't seen the edited version yet, but if the director was able to capture the spirit of our live shows - it will be unabashed artistic INSANITY.

Punk Globe: Do you have any band/musicians/artists recommendations for your fans?

Otep Shamaya: I read more than I listen to music. I'm sure they'd have much more interesting suggestions for me.

Punk Globe: What's your worst fear?

Otep Shamaya: Being ordinary.

Punk Globe: You seem to be more involved in extra causes like Voter Registration via Rock the Vote, Equal Rights, Victims Rights, Hurricane Relief, the genocides in Darfur, Chad, and Myanmar than anyone else I've interviewed, care to share your views with Punk Globe readers?

Otep Shamaya: I believe we should be the change we seek. Fight for what's right. Don't wait for someone else to do it for us. It's our world. It's worth the struggle.

Punk Globe: As far as acting goes, where do you want to go with that in the future?

Otep Shamaya: I don't know. I did one movie, it was fun, so if something else comes up, I'd consider it. But I'm much more comfortable writing movies than acting in them.

Punk Globe: Anyone in particular you'd love to work with?

Otep Shamaya: Michelle Rodriguez

Punk Globe: Whats your biggest "Rock Star" moment?

Otep Shamaya: We still carry our working class principles with us, so we never really have that experience, though our bus on this tour has "Star Trek" doors. That's pretty neat.

Punk Globe: What's one main message you would like to send out to Punk Globe readers or perhaps,the world?

Otep Shamaya: Never let anyone define who or what you are supposed to be. Follow you heart, trust your instincts, and fight the good fight.

Punk Globe: Well that's all for now, thanks for your time, and I hope your talent is around for a long, long time!

Otep Shamaya: Much appreciated. Truly.

-- Interview by Kim Acrylic from Punk Globe magazine 2008 

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