Saturday, October 27, 2012

Interview with Creator Kook Teflon

Had the chance to catch up with a great artist/creator Miss Kook Teflon from Seattle,WA
Here is what she had to say!

Kim Acrylic:Hello miss Kook Teflon or is it Miss Oblivious I have seen your art under both names,Also how did you get those names?
I was Miss Oblivious from 1999 til 2011 (I was sleeping with this British boy from Malaysia that went by Cap'n Oblivious), Miss O was exhausted and retired in the Mission SF with Alabaster Choad Spring 2011. 
Kook Teflon decided it was time to take over and i was nearing my forties, time to get back to the nitty gritty. She was inspired by my newest zine "Teflon Sisters" with six other feminista warriors.
KOOK: one whose ideas or actions are eccentric, fantastic, or insane
TEFLON-  is a nickname given to persons, to whom critisicm does not seem to stick. 
(The story of how Kook entered is very personal and can only be told face to face.)

Kim Acrylic: You do so many amazingly creative projects.What would you call yourself? Artist? Creator, Musician,ETC?
"A seahag on the prairie with swampy swaggers".
 The Stranger described me as "A walking art piece". I hate titles they are so binding (but i do like that one).

Kim Acrylic: Speaking of Art,you make dolls,very UNIQUE dolls,can you tell us a bit about them and when you first got the bug to make them?
I was making them at home, one of my snobby and brutally honest pals came over and loved them and insisted I do an artshow and sell them. My first portrait doll(which is now my specialty) was for Keith Morris, It was my Christmas gift to him he went bonkers so I knew I was on to something. My first showing was in California at FAUX Salon, the artist that showed a month before was David Choe" big britches to follow behind". 

Kim Acrylic: You are now in a band called "the witches Titties" How does your music fit in with your other projects and creations?
This is my first music project in over 8 years. I ended up in the NW touring with my first band NAG (1999-2003). Since 2005 I have only produced shows for others, it was time for me to get back on  stage. I have so much to say, to express, my main goal is to inspire others. All my projects go hand in hand. I feel strongly about community and cross pollinating secure social circles.

Kim Acrylic: Who are your musical inspirations?
Dr.Johns "Gris Gris album"- Christian Death "only theater of pain"  -The Tiger Lillies" Circus Songs"The Bags, bIG bLACK,Frumpies,Christeene,Billie Holiday & Vodou drums 

Kim Acrylic: What inspires your art and your doll making?
Haitian Carnivale,Dark History, queers, freaky witches,outcasts, Hecate, Erzulie, feminine warriors, dandy witch doctors, tarot, hand sewn costumes, 
seedy circus leaders, rotting lace, crushed velvet, pale skinned boys, scars, late night parties, my babies, Loa, 1970's California Punks, true eccentrics over 40, beaded gowns with blood stains.

Kim Acrylic: You do ghost tours at Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA,how did you get into that?
Being raised by gypsies, loving the unexplained, teaching others the true dark history of Seattle and beyond. 
Everything I do is either reincarnated and involving death in some shape or form.

Kim Acrylic:Speaking of spirits your mother and some other love ones have passed away not long ago,how do you cope and does it affect your work?
I have been isolated. The deaths resulting from the Cafe Racer shootings sent me into a black tunnel for the month of June, the loss of two of my greatest inspirations and pals was heart wrenching
As soon as i was crawling out of the depths from their loss, my mother passed unexpectedly. We were like sisters we spoke almost daily, she was only 57 so it has hit me hard, as time passes it is becoming more difficult, but luckily I dance with the dead, worship my ancestors so I know that I have them here with me protecting me.
My outlet has defiantly been my band, I get up on stage and release the demons, having a sea of beautiful people dancing and feeling the holy hell has really been empowering and healing.
And my husband, children and support from my friends is truly my most important remedy.

Kim Acrylic: Speaking of friends and family you have a husband and children,how do you balance you career with domestic life?
I couldn't do anything without my family or without my friends. And I have based my career around both so it is easy. Showing my children that you can still express yourself and live your dreams is most important. I get sick of hearing people give up on so many levels because "they're to old", "don't have time" or "they are over it"really?? or their only interactions are virtual,
 I love eye contact,flesh,scents,intertwining thoughts and energy with other human beings. 
There is a fine line to teeter on, of course if your always out then there is no time to create, but if you only create and dont get out then were is the community aspect of creating?.... fine line!! fine line!!

Kim Acrylic:I MUST ask cos I think it's genius,You have created your own perfume/love potion,yeah?
I am third generation witch, alot of my scents are passed down. 
I wear a mix of oils and everywhere I go people stop me and ask "what are you wearing"? I always say "The Kook" so i decided to bottle it. The batches have sat under three power moons before they are ever mixed and available to be worn.

Kim Acrylic: Who are some of your favorite writers,artists,creators,etc?
Mary Ellen Pleasant, Trannies, Anita Berber, Leah Gordon, anything Storyville/New Orleans based, Marlow Harris, Claude Cahun, Ruby Ray,Alice Bag

Kim Acrylic:I adore your photography.I have to say,Kook you are my favorite photographer.What kinda camera do you use?
currently a Cannon X30/ Bounce Flash

Kim Acrylic: It's safe to say you have a very creative,beautifully intriguing makeup style,who are your fashion/makeup icons?
Vinsantos, Clara Bow,Squeaky Blonde, deathrock/batcave 80s, tribal Haitian, turn of the century harlots, Boy George

Kim Acrylic:You recently worked on a video as well, miss busy body...Tell us a bit about your role in that.
That was 100% by Kook, I film/direct/edit .. 
I produced a public access show in Seattle from 2007-2010 titled "Oblivious TV" that coincided with my zine "Oblivious Nation". I took a two year break and am now back. 
I have been  collaborating with a master butoh performer Alex Ruhe amongst a few others that should be released by December. I will be in New Orleans in November for Fringe Festival screening my lil short with a marionette I created in a workshop at The Frye Museum with Dmitri Carter of Vinsantos.

Kim Acrylic:Are you still writing for zines or magazines? If so,which ones?
I published my first zine in 1994 (Cunt Fear) and have never stopped. Punk Globe, Oblivious Nation,Teflon Sisters, No Boys Aloud, The Coven Journals,
I am currently starting a zine with Amanda Prince of The Beggers. 
Documenting my peers and surroundings have always been my number one goal.

Kim Acrylic: Any new projects in the making?
In December I am going to film a video for Lonesome Shack and collaborate on a video with Vanessa Skantze. 
Green Eyed Gator in New Orleans will start carrying one of my new collections of dolls "Loa Death Dolls" and Nashville based boutique "Moonshine Netties" is having me create a line of "Country Queen Dolls", also Witches Titties will be at The Mercury on Dec 12th, plus we have a few other plans for that month and recording.

Kim Acrylic:You have stated that you accept everyone pretty much except for homophobes,rapists etc,,How did you get to THAT 'place" of acceptance most people only pretend to have?
 realizing nobody is perfect especially me. 

Kim Acrylic:Well you are a very amazing Woman and i hope to follow your work for years to come!Thanks for the chat!
No, Thank you

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Killers Album Review "Battle Born"

The Killers fourth studio album "Battle Born" will be very pleasing to long time Killers fans and first time listeners.
Their sound all through this album is very  "killers trademark sounding" however,they have also matured a lot.
Brandon Flowers in top vocal form (Well..mostly,minus his interesting vocal straining when he hits high notes he has taken up) The lyrics are deep and a lot more "grown up" than their first two albums,so much so that I can't see this being a huge hit for teenagers hearing them for the first time.

My favorite track at first listen was "Miss Atomic Bomb" Very melodic,some might say "pretty"
The story telling in the songs are great in the same way U2 or old-school Bruce Springsteen would write.
Songs about innocence lost,dreaming beneath neon signs,being cast-out and falling from grace with an aching heart,this album covers a lot of depth.

The first single " Runaways" Is also catchy at first listen,great guitars and words,however the vocals are a bit strained in parts but with an album with this much content can get away with it!

I give this album 4 stars


01. “Flesh and Bone”
02. “Runaways”
03. “The Way It Was”
04. “Here with Me”
05. “A Matter of Time”
06. “Deadlines and Commitments”
07. “Miss Atomic Bomb”
08. “The Rising Tide”
09. “Heart of a Girl”
10. “From Here on Out”
11. “Be Still”
12. “Battle Born”
Deluxe Edition
13. “Carry Me Home”
14. “Flesh And Bone (Jacques lu Cont Remix)”
15. “Prize Fighter”

Monday, October 22, 2012

Of Monsters And Men CD Review "My Head Is An Animal"

Of Monsters and Men is a six-piece indie folk/indie pop band from Iceland, Like other Icelandic bands such as Bjork,Sigur Ros and GusGus,They are not only few and far between but extremely talented.

Of Monsters and Men,formed in 2010 and took their name from their unique style of writing mostly all about real or mythical beasts.

I have not heard an album this year that I have loved all the way through. But "My Head Is An Animal" the band's first full length release is nothing but perfection.

The sound is dreamy,folky in some places but also it's not really able to be labeled.
This album is kind of a genre- fuck with it's originality and clever lyrical sense.

Each track is a surprise.Some tracks are just female lead by  co-singer/guitarist Nanna Bryndís .some are sung by the both of the talented singers  Nanna Bryndís  and  Ragnar "Raggi" Þórhallsson.

Such beautiful,moody harmonies and fun poppy hits such as the lead single "Little Talks" The tune was a hit on alternative radio and billboard 200 and Europe ate them up after it's release in 2011 in Iceland.(Their first E.P released in 2011 "Into the Woods")
But you can not overlook such deep,chill inducing tunes such as "Dirty Paws"

"Jumping up and down the floor,
My head is an animal.And once there was an animal,It had a son that mowed the lawn.The son was an OK guy,They had a pet dragonfly.The dragonfly it ran awayBut it came back with a story to say."
The story telling in each of their songs is not only brilliant and a fresh and new idea to alternative music, but also very ,for lack of better word "CUTE"
The music is a very big ,unique sound because with their 6 members they have some really original instruments ( melodica, glockenspiel,accordion and Keys)
I give this Album 5 stars!

Track Listing

1. 'Dirty Paws'
2. 'King and Lionheart'
3. 'Mountain Song'
4. 'Slow and Steady'
5. 'From Finner'
6. 'Little Talks'
7. 'Six Weeks'
8. 'Love Love Love'
9. 'Your Bones'
10. 'Sloom'
11. 'Lakehouse'
12. 'Yellow Light'

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bob Dylan "Tempest" Album Review

Bob Dylan is un-like other musical legends in one way.He LIVED!
Some say,however,that he should have INDEED died tragically and young with a pretty,wrinkle free corpse.I disagree but will say THIS. I think he should have quit music and retired to the pen and should have been pumping out amazing poetry books for years to come.But since that's not the case, I will share my take on his newest release 2012's "Tempest"

Bob Dylan admits that his upcoming studio effort, Tempest, isn't the album he intended to make when he began the project.
"I wanted to make something more religious," he reveals in a new Rolling Stone interview.  "I just didn't have enough [religious songs]."

If you were a fan of last years Christmas Album Dylan released you just might like this album...Better.

His voice a consistent growl, Lyrics both quirky and just plain odd " My heart is cheerful,It's never fearful" I'm in no great hurry,I'm not afraid of your fury" he sings on the first track "Duquesne Whistle" The country twang opening song takes you all over lyrically " It's soon after midnight and I got a date with the Fairy Queen"

Among the interesting tunes on the 10-song effort is the title track, a 13-plus-minute opus inspired by the Titanic, and influenced by a Carter Family number about the nautical tragedy.  Dylan even incorporated Leonardo DiCaprio into the narrative of "Tempest," noting, "I don't think the song would be the same without him.  Or the movie."

With Dylan it's tricky.He was brilliant in the 60's, completely Electric by the 80's and now  I would have to say he seems lost.He just spews out random lyrics, Voice getting lost in and out of folk/country collaboration.Sounding like the father of Tom Waits, I give this album a 2 star review.

Track listing

1."Duquesne Whistle" (Dylan, Robert Hunter)5:43
2."Soon after Midnight"  3:27
3."Narrow Way"  7:28
4."Long and Wasted Years"  3:46
5."Pay in Blood"  5:09
6."Scarlet Town"  7:17
7."Early Roman Kings"  5:16
8."Tin Angel"  9:05
9."Tempest"  13:54
10."Roll on John"